Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Well,since am so into music so am gonna start my post today with one of my favourite song :D


I'm currently reading this Unsttopable book..it's a kind of motivation book by Cynthia Kersey and I found it very interesting..So inspiring!Its a Very good book to read before bed time.But am not going to talk about this book coz am pretty sure everyone of us have read it.What am going to share is about this message I got from Facebook private message.Her message is sounds like this.."Sia kanal ba ko sepa..anak c  
****(My father's name)nda payah la ba ko tembirang-tembirang sana..semua post pun urang putih kunun padahal urang kampung juga ko..urang kimaragang juga pun..seingat sy nda juga pandai mama bapa ko cakap urang putih..bukannya ko di London..baru di Sarawak saja pun terus tembirang..sudah la background nda bagus,minta puji lagi..sadar-sadar la diri ko sikit!!!"
That's a part of her message that really made me laughs..Laughing Out Loud..Its not that am happy for what she says but I never really thought that some people would thinks me in such a horrible way.By the way,there's two reason why I always posting in English:
1) I'm trying to speak and write in English efficiency coz I was actually had a very bad English(grammar & pronunciation).
2) Some of my facebook friend doesn't speak Malay what more to say my native language,and its not fair for them to have a friend that they don't really know what's her babbling about everyday.

So,this is why..

Am going to stop here for this time round coz I don't feel like writing and sharing anymore.

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