Monday, 24 October 2011


It's been a while since my last post..I have been insanely busy this past few month but been busy once in a while also a good thing..Good for me i mean.Imagine,I've gained 2 kg in a month..phewwww!Its a magic..Magic of stress,guess I eat a lot when i get stressed out.

That  is what I mean when I say I'm busy...a bunch of files that I had to get it done within one day..and this kind of 'terrific' situation goes on and on for two month liao..So,I may say that those files made me fat..sitting up on my desk from am to am I possibly not getting fat?But,getting fat is not a bad thing thou..I'm dreaming to look a bit 'tembam' for this past three years already.So,its worth it and I should thank you files for making me FAT now LoL!


Nani said...

nah sdh follow... jgn lupa follow aku balik... lps ni rajin2lah menulis ah..

Lynne said...

Nani,sy xdapat follow ko..kenapa itu hihi..susah ini klu setahun sekali updates blog..